Funkanova began as a vintage clothing shop in Woodstock, NY, opened on a whim when stylist Sarah Ellison took a break from many years of city living and working in the fashion editorial world. After discovering that New York City was still her true spiritual home, Sarah returned and Funkanova has since become an ever-evolving manifestation of all her wide-ranging inspirations. The newest bend in that arc is Funkanova Collection.

All Funkanova pieces are imbued with the vision Sarah is known for as a stylist. Her work is heavily inspired by the fashion of music subcultures, and this grew into a career whose collaborations included industry stalwarts Craig McDean, Fabien Baron, Karl Templer, Glen Luchford and Janette Beckman and have been seen in Interview, Numero Tokyo, and Italian, Japanese, and American editions of Vogue, among others.

Sarah’s move from styling to design was in truth a full-circle fulfillment of her childhood vision to become a designer. After years of working with highly constructed clothes on set, she realized that these were not the clothes she wanted to dance in. The more constricting the clothes, the less fun could be had.

The results are one-of-a-kind, intemporal pieces, suited to any gender and size. They connect her love of vintage clothing with modern sensibilities. A visual language of shapes and patterns connect motifs, ancient and modern, that Ellison saw repeatedly through different cultures. Focusing on India and Japan, the Collection is created from vintage fabrics she’s gathered over the last 20 years. They drip with a glamour that reflects Ellison’s lifelong love of music, specifically disco, house and post-punk, embodying a perfect balance between style and ease.

“I struggled with wanting to be dressed to the nines, glittery and fabulous while maintaining the physical freedom to dance.” Necessity led to invention and the Funkanova Collection was born. They are the materializations of her purest, personal expression. “They are what I want to wear. I didn’t see it out there, so I made it.”

Access to the Funkanova trove can be gained via appointment, online or at special shopping events. Sign up for the email list for the latest news.


View her styling portfolio here.